Einladung zum Vortrag von Diane Larsen-Freeman

Vortrag der Seminarreihe Professionals' UPDATE 2016/17

The Fractal Shape of Language

Diane Larsen-Freeman

19.06.2017: 17.00 – 18.30
PH Tirol, Pastorstr. 7, Innsbruck: Großer Hörsaal

If language is a complex adaptive system, as some have claimed it is, then certain attributes should follow. One of these is a fractal shape. A fractal is a geometric figure, which is self-similar at different levels of scale. Nature uses fractals—they are an efficient way of squeezing a large amount of material into a small amount of space. Fractal patterns are generated as the result of iteration.
I will present data from English, with supporting data from a number of different languages, to reveal their fractal shape. Language teachers can take advantage of the fractal nature of language by creating or adapting iterative activities and materials with which to engage their students. It is important to distinguish iteration from both repetition and recycling.

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